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Rattle can paint orange peel

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Guitar body has orange peel in places. This is a well cured finish but it was an experiment.  So, how well does  Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover buff out? What is the best approach and technique to eliminate orange peel?



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Depending on the thickness of the finish and the depth of the orange peel gaps, wet sanding with a solid block might make a good starting point. If you didn't sand between layers you may have to add yet another layer after sanding for enough stuff to be buffed. For a mirror finish you should sand the finish level to the bottom of the gaps.

Spray guns can cause orange peel just as easily as rattle cans. Warming the cans in a bowl of hot water might help, the right distance/pressure combination as well. Proper sanding including raisin the grain with moisture is a must. Even then light sanding (up to 400-600 grit) after the first couple of coats to knock the fibres is recommendable. You can then apply a thicker final layer over that perfectly leveled base. If you get orange peel there, sand down to the  bottoms of the craters (they'll shine like stars on a matte sanded surface!) and work your way through various grits of wet paper, changing direction by 45 degrees between the grits. After 2000 you can change to a cutting compound if you can't find smoother abrasives - I've used 3000 and 6000 grit 3M pads and after those changed to a swirl remover but as there's coarser pastes as well there's many ways to make the surface shiny.

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not proud but have a lot of orange peel experience.  you have to determine if this is buffable orange peel or orange peel that you need to take some 6/800 to and re-spray.  at least... that has been my experience.  if you just spray out of a can and don't sand between coats and get completely smooth, then go in for that final dusting of finish... just seems like you end up with a mess at the end.  just one aholes humble experience, your mileage may vary.

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