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2nd Build, 1st Bass


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@ADFinlayson believe it or not I used Rit all purpose dye - usually for tie-dye shirts and stuff. Golden Yellow finished over with poly

as always I look for most cost effective options since I still feel I’m learning the craft. I’ll use brand named hardware when I think I’m ready to do a serious build that I’d let a real player touch.

did electronics last night and assembled today also carved the nut.


Just got a string up and let neck get used to tension for a few days - then fret level and do final set up.

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7 hours ago, Bizman62 said:

I seem to be seeing a pattern there, are you sure you aren't an industrial builder?

I like to think of myself as “industrious” — but I’m not sure what you mean

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2 hours ago, JayT said:

I’m not sure what you mean

Just read in the morning paper that "you can buy but you can't sell in English", meaning that being able to communicate using the local language is the key to success.

I just meant you've got a model of your own and you're productive. Professional builders may not build more guitars in a year than you.

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