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EMG pickup help

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It would help if we knew which model is in question. It makes a whole lot of difference if we're talking about the solid plastic box, the same with polepieces or a chrome one.

Basically taking the cover off for relicing would be the safest way but as I just learned EMG covers are permanently attached with epoxy.  Thus non-magnetic abrasives are the only option. And maybe Airfix glue (or rather the solvent within - acetone?) as well as it melts some plastics. I'm very hesitant about anything like that.

If the white logo is the most irritating thing there, a black Sharpie might do the trick. For a more authentic aging using yellow and/or orange or even brown for fake patina might also work. Note that it goes off with alcohol which doesn't harm the plastic so it's a safe alternative.

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4 minutes ago, Jishery said:

So to be safe simple rubbing alcohol should do the trick ?

That may not take the paint away. What I meant is that alcohol will take the Sharpie away should you ever want to restore the original look. A dark brown Sharpie might be the simplest one touch trick, making the white logo look like mostly worn out with a lot of grime.

Acetone might work on the paint but it could also melt the plastic deeper than you would like. A cotton swab for applying any solvent and a bowl of water and a bunch of tissues and clean swabs to dilute and wipe the solvent off. I repeat, I'm hesitant about methods that will change the surface structure.

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