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chrome inlays


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to answer your question,what you are looking for is called "mylar" and it is a sorta plastic that is only 2 mil thick like the plastic wrap you would use for covering food with.According to some of the pro builders here in the forum you can get this at a sign shop but I can not confirm this.I have also been told that you have to cut the inlay first and then apply the mylar.I have found a link where you can get something like this but is not cheap and they only deliver to the U.S. and Canada,I will post this later cause the link is on one of my other computers

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You can but mylar in very thin sheets from hydroponic shops (maybe garden centres too). It's often used for wardrobe horticulture, if you know what I mean. :D

Maybe if you can't come by the thick stuff you could experiment with sticking this onto plastic sheet.

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