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Zeke's Workbench


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Been a while since I've posted.  I've been behind the scenes watching all the projects.  Always great info.  

We moved and I have a lot more space now to invest in a more ergonomic setup.  I designed a workbench on how I like to build guitars and thought I'd share it since I've spent about the same amount of time on it, lol.


Its a small work surface with interchangeable surfaces on all dimensions so you can alter the top to be what you want.  I really just intended for one originally but it just worked out this way.  It's also adjustable height from about 35" to 60" or so.  I'm kind of tall so its very comfortable to me.  I find myself using this feature more than anything besides the clamping system.  The grid system is based on a clamp for dovetail channels.  Couldn't decide between t-track or this which is why I made the interchangeable surfaces.  Anyways, here she is.



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I hate it when people make pretty workbenches... but only because I'm jealous.  looks very nice and tidy, good job.  I should have thought of height adjust for my bench because even tho it's 34" tall... I freq find it's not tall enough and my back really bothers me.  Something to consider for next time. 


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