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That split second your hand slips, and you pray it's not too bad...

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Exactly what happened. Exacto in my hand, and... Well, I cut a deep'ish gash into my finish.
I also later made another careless mistake. I'm beyond frustrated at myself, but, hey, they are there, and I have to deal with them.

So, anyone have any input on how I should go about fixing these mistakes?
I have some ideas, but it would be great to hear what the experts have to say!

First picture is where I cut it with the exacto.
Second picture is a small nick from a drill bit.

Thank you so much!


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I always find a way to do that when I'm bolting hardware on.

What kind of finish are we looking at?

To be honest, I probably wouldn't put too much time in the bit mark by the tuning machines. It's very small and in a place that will never be seen. Probably a drop fill and a light rub. Probably a version of that for the exacto bite too, but the finishing materials will have some bearing on that.


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Thanks Scott.

It's a 2k clear. (I had a car painter friend help me out with the finish). I have some 2k clear at home, and I was thinking that I could keep using that exacto and cut off the piece of the clear that I cut open, and then drop fill it with the 2k clear.. It's between the floyd and the humbucker, and it's not like super visible, so I'm hoping that will do the trick..

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