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Is it possible to split the Neck pickup with this wiring?


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Hi, I've bough a 5-way switch 2502N used for H/H Ibanez and I wired my Ibanez (Tone Zone + Air Norton) to have this:

1. Bridge
2. Bridge split + Neck split
3. Bridge + Neck
4. Neck parallel
5. Neck

And I've added a tone push/pull and I can split the bridge. I want to use the same push/pull to split the neck too but I don't know where to wire it.
Here's my modified wiring, can anyone help me doing what I need?

I just want that on tone push/pull I can split bridge and neck. I can have this with normal 5 way switch but not with this configuration.


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Not easily. The problem is the 2nd position where the two neck coils are in parallel. If you had the coil tap push-pull engaged when you selected the neck-in-parallel position on the 5-way you'd end up with no output.

You could rewire the neck coil tap to work on the parallel-coils position as a 'coil disconnect' rather than a traditional coil cut, but the neck pickup would go dead any time you selected a position that used the full neck humbucker mode (ie positions 3 and 5) and you left the coil tap engaged, which creates more pickup selection headaches than the first option.

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