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The software upgrade has brought with it a few fundamental alterations to site and content presentation which will require some painful hours of digging through old CSS and renewing it to fit. I'm not liking the idea of that. Also, a few colours - such as tags - will need maintenance. Things are going to look a little odd, and by all means post the most egregious ones here so I can prioritise to your needs. This can only be a "whoa, that's so broken" list, not a wish list!

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3 hours ago, Prostheta said:

Yes, I found this also. Since we don't process payments or store/retain personal info, HTTPS hasn't become much of a priority. I'll revisit this, @Gogzs. Thanks!

Otherwise, everything seems to be okay now. 

Yup, looks good now.

On a sidenote, as long as users log into a website with a username/email and password combo, I like the site to be secure. Most people use the same email/password combo everywhere, so if someone reads your unsecure traffic and picks out email/password combos, no one is preventing them to try the same combos on PayPal etc... so yeah, even tho you don't have payments here, a leaked username/password combo is still valuable :)

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