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What is Wudtones Topcoat?


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Hey all, I am planning a Les Paul build and am hoping to use Wudtone finish on the build. My only reservation is that I plan to use a different type of finish on the front of the guitar. and because I have no idea what Wudtone is made of, I don't know if there is a chance of reaction between the two finishes. Does anyone know? And has anyone tried Wudtine with a lacquer or polyurethane on the same project?

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Judging by the properties told on their website, namely "breathing", "slow curing" and "easy to repair unlike cracking lacquer" sounds like they've once again reinvented TungOil which basically is oil, lacquer and turps mixed 1 part each. The recipe used to be well known by woodworkers but during the last few decades the marketing people have muddied the waters with fancy names, making it difficult to know which is what.

Anyhow, the answer is shellac. Shellac works with most anything. Apply the Wudtone where you want it, then apply shellac at least in the transition area preferably fading it to the edges if you're not going to use it on all remaining surfaces. Then apply the other finish.

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