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My first build ever.

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So I have been planning this for about a solid 20 years. I've been playing 29 years damn near 30... But until recently I never thought about the science and true geometry in a guitars body.

Yep you likely guessed it. I ate some really good lsd.  I was playing a really tore back old acoustic one of my friends gave me. It is covered in cheetah print duct tape from Dollar tree. I dispise cheetah print haha.


Somewhere in the calamity of my brain taking a massive shit of endorphins and what have you. I peaked my ass of and saw my guitar explode into tiny fractal goddamners ( yes that is a thing... Or well anything..... Or everything... I don't know??! Rip Gary roach).


Anyways I tripped my ass off and played like shit. It was fun. But I have kept thinking about what I saw that night. I guess you could say I fell further down the rabbit hole of a musicians dilemma as I've come to call the life of a musician.

I have been looking online and trying to figure out some things. I've basically come to the realization. Some would maybe call the point when I pulled the thought out of my brain a flashback. Really I was just drunk on cheap whiskey and way too stoned to do much more than a less than mediocre ripple of a grateful dead Rip off.


It's one of only a few songs I can play on an acoustic. Growing up my father was some thing of a DJ and did some sound and light stuff that I barely remember. I do remember seeing the misifits when I was like 5. A few years later I watched Ace Ventura pet detective in a movie theatre and discovered cannibal corpse. I've been a metal head since.

So to the build. And the reason for this thread or whatever you call it 


I've got some questions as I fully intend on building this over the next few weeks. As covid has essentially killed everything but the drug market. And I'll be honest. I smoke weed. Have done pretty much everything under the sun. I currently am about to be homeless again. And have not alot of resources. I have an obcession. And a good imagination.


1 is there a reason not to use redwood for the body? I live in northern california. And there's an abundance. But I am planning on actually playing the thing. I will probably use my own old recycled pickups from an old epiphone les Paul custom 2. 

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22 minutes ago, Scribble said:

is there a reason not to use redwood for the body?

No. The pickups determine most of the sound, the neck being the next important part. The only thing preventing you to use it is that it's an endangered species but but the CITES rules may not be an issue in your case.

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