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my mind is filled with ideas...


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i have 4 ideas in my head and here they are....

1.i was thinking about buying carvin starter kit then practicing my building & painting skills on it ,but are there any pros/cons with this idea ..

2.ok i was thinking for that mahogany sg body i have i may do a dark red swirl effect as one of the tutorials ...that would be evil dont know if i'd bleach it or not yet

3.i have maple gibson body i got of ebay . i thought it would be kool to do a gray dye effect on it ..ill use dye/stain info i got from my other post ..

4.my best idea i love danzig song "her black wing",well with that in mind i always wanted a white jag body guitar with a black hair haired spanish woman that has black angel wings that curve with guitar body and has white fretboard with black onyx inlay...

ok i think i have lost it..but this is best place to lose it... :D

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i have friend who does tatoos and comic books .i guess i'd have him paint the wings and the woman with water base ontop of final finish background then i would clear coat about 15 times then sand and buff...you the last one to me is hardest one, thats why i put it last... :D lol i'm so lost

for another idea i'd like to do flying V bodie with cropduster body "you know the yellow and green metal ribit "and inlay of bi-wing cropduster plane flying spinning in 3d look like on falling bird one on PRS 22 guitars..

the whole reason i want to learn this is because i'm so sick of paying tons for nice left handed guitars

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