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My version if Ibanez 8 string Iceman, reverse head

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10 hours ago, gpcustomguitars said:

Charlie, we had some trouble with the material, I brought a sheet that was melting at any power/speed, warping even, so we scrapped that and used some of their offcuts from a previous project. I can live with this, as I will turn them upside down as you said, clean them up with needle files, and the troublesome side gets sanded in leveling. I think it will be OK with some care.

Roger that-laser cutters can be so picky. Looking forward to seeing this take shape!

10 hours ago, gpcustomguitars said:
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Thanks Andy!

I spent a part of the weekend routing - both wings  are cut out, now they need some cleaning up of the joining surfaces and pre-cutting of a part of a binding ledge. Also, made a good start with the jazz bass project I mentioned a few days ago. Made most of the jigs needed, routed out the body, etc, I'm preparing to cut a neck from chosen stock. It will get it's own thread tomorrow or the day after.

First mockups where it all actually looks like a guitar:IMG_20201210_174929.thumb.jpg.e622ca5ef69d71930619c051a51c005c.jpgIMG_20201210_174917.thumb.jpg.da5f158eb9ba33ecd97a6dd541ed0f32.jpg

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