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Strat style guitar 2nd scratch build

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That neck is cleaning up nicely. SR

The patching strip looks fine. Believe or not, trying to figure out how to help you recover from your mistakes helps the rest of us as well. One lifetime would not be long enough to face all the poten

I routed a round over on the body & I put the frets in the fretboard on the neck.

Posted Images

Are you going to leave most of the beautiful wood visible with that T-type control cavity?

Having the jack on the opposite side makes it super easy to fold the cables neatly inside the cavity. Ergonomically it doesn't make any difference, I suppose both sides are equally good, but it sure makes a difference in the looks.

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Don't you just love the subtle scent of sanding bone! Good job on the shine, a lazier guy might have stopped after filing.

At first I thought the truss rod was off but a closer look revealed that only the end slot is a tad wider on the bass side. Nothing to worry about! 👍

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Finally the paint is finished and it's assembled.

However while doing the wiring I must have done something wrong. The pickups are not working, and the wires are different color code than the wiring diagram that I was following.

Any helpful hints to get this straight would be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks @David Ivy.

Now to start with I must say I know basically nothing about electronics, I rely solely on diagrams by someone who knows. Prepare yourself with a little salt.

Looking at the diagram it seems that the green and white humbucker cables and the ground should populate the two center lugs on one side. On your wiring it doesn't look that way. To me they even seem to be on the wrong side. The focus isn't the best, though, so I may see wrong.

Another thing is that some wires seem to touch the next lug on the switch, especially the red one on the left. Tidying the loose ends might help with a shortcut if the wiring matches with the diagram.

Here's a better picture of the diagram for those who know more about these things:




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