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guitar cutout or amp cutout


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i recently sold an amp that i had, watson xb15 watt bass amp.

i took it roiund to the guy and sold it for £8, he plugged in the amp and wanted to try it which i thought was fine as i believed it worked. i put my guitar through it and it seemed fine. the video shows some distortion but i thought that was due to the amp being right up. i dont know much about bass amps and thought that the guitar was sounding different because of different circuitry. when he plugged in his bass it sounded as though the amp was cutting out as soon as he started playing. he said that he hadnt played in a long time and that his amp had just died. i asked him to remvoe the jack and touch the end, it made the expected noise at a loud volume. so i think the lead is fine. i didnt ask him if the bass was working before hand, thinking about it now. i assumed that his bass guitar was broken, the lead seemed fine and the amp worked with my guitar. it sounds like it is cutting out in the video but i assumed that was because it was full up and causing the speaker to buzz and affecting the phones mic. could the pickups be faulty on the bass or is it the amp. would a bass guitar have a different effect on the circuit?

i dont want to sell him a dodgy amp.




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To me that sounds perfectly working.

Bass amps have been used for guitar since the beginning but there's some differences in gain presets and the overall design,partially to prevent the speaker from blowing out. Basses require more power to be heard which also means larger speaker cone movement. Thus a bass amp works fine with a guitar but a guitar amp may "explode" with a bass.

I'd try with another bass just to be sure.

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