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How do you fill cracks or chips or uneven spots with saw dust and wood glue and not make it look ugly?


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Oh my gosh, let me explain this. So I am refinishing my squire strat, nothing important. I've tried everything, scraping the grain filler, burning, filing, sanding and much more. Burning it off with a heat gun has proved the best but I scorched the wood in places. This thing is beat to all get out. Scorch marks, un even grain and just uneveness all over the place. I made a big oopsie tonight. So I thought "why not plane it?" so I get my hand planer and I got it so uneven. So I thought why not mix some dust I have from sanding everything and mix that with titebond? I did it, absolute mess, and it's gonna look so ugly.  This is the only glue I have right now but I ordered some number 10 thin super glue today. I am just angry at myself for it just looking god awful. This is my first time doing stuff like this and it's proved harder than it is. I went over it with a level to get excess off but still, it looks bad.

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7 hours ago, PRSpoggers said:

So I thought "why not plane it?" so I get my hand planer and I got it so uneven.

That's the reason why I suggested you to get a bigger plane as well. If the plane is as long as the object you're planing the result will be more level. Shorter planes are used for removing material fast.

As @curtisa said, pictures would help a lot when trying to help you. Patience is another thing. Why ask if you can't wait for the answer? This is a world wide community so it takes overnight for your question to reach people on the other side of the globe. It's now 2:35 AM your time and you're most likely asleep. When you typed your question it was past 2 AM here so this side of the pond was sleeping. Haste is your enemy, fight it!

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