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in new to building and i need some help

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:D ok im 16 an ive been playing for 4 years. im getting bored with the guitar i have and im sick of looking at the $900 SG (im left handed thats what it would cost to get it flipped around). ive been lookin at books and tutorials online and i got the basic outine for making my own. but i dont get the neck screw can anybody tell me how that setup works pics help too. i designed a mad "SG like" solid body with a flame theme the body is boing to be stained a "blood red" and the fretboard is goind to be half clear maple with flames the same as the body running down the center of it. any help you can give would be appritiated


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the truss rod....

basically is in place to adjust any bow of the neck. modern 2-way rods can correct up and down bow, by turning clockwise or anti-clockwise. older ones only correct for downbow if im not mistaken.

these are basic to fit, if you get a modern one. i did one a few days ago. i routed a 6mm wide 10mm deep slot for ir, fits comfortably.

hope this helps


ps alot of things explain themselves if you buy one, and poke at bits. clears things up alot!

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