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fret buzz...

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There could be more than one reason for buzzing, need more info. Any particular area on the neck where this is occurring? any particular frets? Are the frets worn in or near the buzz areas?

You might be able to correct by raising the bridge saddle or raising the nut. A truss rod adjustment might fix. Replace/redress bad frets and look for loose ones. Usually a combination of everything I mentioned fixes buzzing.

You have to identify exactly whats causing it, ie. neck related or fret related or both. Heres a start:


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Some expensive guitars don't have a truss rod either...My dad had a guitar hand built for me from scratch, has duncan pickups, a nice washburn bridge, and a lot of other nice features...he spent 2500 dollars on having it built...no truss rod. The neck goes all the way through the body, but yeah no truss rod(at least no place to adjust it lol)

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