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How would you fix this?

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Modern glues can be stronger than the wood they're being used on. However, doesn't that bridge look loose at the treble end? If so, carefully removing and replacing might be a better idea.

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6 hours ago, dougrun said:

Local CL has a celebrity with a cracked bridge for $40. I imagine it would cost more than its worth to repair but I kinda like repairing ovations now. Any ideas?



I know it sold... but honestly I've seen so many of these ovations like this... I think it's fair to say it's a design flaw and that it would require an entire bridge replacement to truly fix it... and possibly some surgery to alter it to the post/peg style to prevent in the future.  that area should at least have been reinforced with metal inserts or something.  I had an ovation that did this from brand new in about 6 months back in the 90s.  I worked at a music shop back then and I couldn't even count the number that came in with this exact issue.  They were also prone to pull the entire bridge up there instead of splitting the thing... the pressure just isn't distributed well.  

anywho, you probably dodged a bullet in terms of the amount of work/headache potential!

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