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Shop Safety - Tips, Suggestions, Horror Stories

Invader Zim

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I actually have a saw stop.  My brother and mother bought it for me as I had mentioned that I wouldn't buy a tablesaw because they are the most likely candidate for accidents.   The thing I didn't expect is how nice of a saw it actually is.  the fence/blade came true out the box.  you can test wood to see if it's too wet by turning on power (not power to the blade) and touching the wood to the blade - if the light goes out - too wet.  

I'm told that you can't put a thin fret slotting blade on them as the mechanism won't work.  There are some thicker blades that will work.  

having worked in the cabinet industry for a bit when I was younger... you can't help but notice how many 'old timers' there are who are missing a digit.  Go to your local woodcraft and chances are someone there can give you a look at reasons to be really careful.  

all that said... even the saw stop will shoot a board at you with enough speed to kill so... still have to know that machine before you mess w one.

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On 12/26/2020 at 9:33 AM, Bizman62 said:

A picture of your fingers, please., as that thing has apparently been triggered by human flesh.

My fingers are intact and functional. I figured the Sawstop system would be a great place to start considering how essential a table saw is for many woodworkers.

The video is quite convincing for me. The kinetic energy in a spinning sawblade is considerable. Dead stop in 10ms is impressive.

I am consulting on a large estate liquidation that includes a rather well equipped cabinet/woodworking shop. The pictured blade was on top of a 3HP Sawstop that was BURIED under the flotsam and jetsam of too much stuff and not enough working space. 

There are some drawbacks to this saw but for the average woodworker it is tough to beat. My neighbor has a 3 horse and it has handled 1000ft+/- of varied hardwoods of mine that we have ripped with no issues. The safety is a huge factor for repetitive tasks like mindless ripping.

But it will kickback like any other saw.

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