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"my little hatchlings have reached the sea" - my first bookmatch...

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so... wanted to get some practice in before I started re-sawing and planing the very specific piece of wood my friend kevin picked for his tele... so this is the first result from that session...

this is a different board I have - sm board I used for my "fish on" bass but bookmatched... how many A's would you give it?  be brutally honest.


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and the result from bookmatching kevin's piece... 


two very dif pieces of maple... first one is very light color and lower contrast... would prob benefit from a lot of sand back... second has a lot of chatoyance and high contrast... darker wood and def made the planer work more.  

I'd be curious of your thoughts afa "which one is better".  

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21 minutes ago, ScottR said:

To me that is probably a 4A board, a fine job of bookmatching and the best board in the series of pictures...IMHO.


very much appreciate that scott.  it's very white in color... and initially I thought maybe a mid 4... but now I'm seeing a little 'color stain' in the center there that is making me think more like low 4... and then the little flaw there at the bottom just to the right of the centerline.  unfortunately the 'flash side' of this board is that view... so that little flaw would be hard to avoid... but perhaps long enough to get it out of the cut zone altogether. thank you again!!

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