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Need info on fretless neck filling


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I have a recent project where i am taking a bass neck and turning it into a fretless neck.

I need to know what material should be used t ofill in the old fret slots..

and is there a finish thats applied over the fill material, (wax oil ??)

please any help is appreciated.


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IMO you need to fill the slots under pressure. Once those slots are empty you essentially have kerfing, weakening the neck. You'll find you need more truss rod tension, and even then, are more likely to develop an "S" curve in there. Just filling them is at least something, but if you're using veneer or plastic binding, at least try to have it a little oversized for a tight fit. And you can install/glue with the truss rod a little overtightened, so the backbow "opens up" the slots to you. Then don't release tension until the glue is dry. I guess anything to help a little in strengthening the neck is good. Even using graphite if it's a maple board, or stainless/brass on dark wood.

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