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Neck Thickness

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Just started building my 6 string fretless bass and have hit a gray area as to the thickness of the neck. Baring in mine I have two hot rods installed in the 20mm maple with 9mm ish of ebony whats the best amount to take off each side? I know this is kinda a individual preference, but do any of you guys who make these day in day out have a average spec?


PS. Couple of photos here. Just got the neck cut out on a bansaw (I love living across the road from 3 joinerys :D )

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well, i dont know much about bass, but when you say thickness, dont you mean width? if you are talking about the fret baord width (from the thick string to thin string (i dont kow the string names on bass) then thats the width) but i feel the thickness is no matter what a personal preferance, my electrics neck is bigger then most becuase i have a big hand, my brother cant reach around it fully, its your own preferance, so thats what i gotta say, ohh, by the way, nice bass!

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This gives an example of neck thickness. You have to keep it strong enough, so it can't be to thin. I have one neck at 3/4" and one 1" on my basses. The 3/4" is a jazz bass. Very fast neck, but seems a little weak.

You can sand your neck to a thickness your comfortable. Many here use spoke shaves to shape the neck and finish by sanding.

Hope this helps!

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