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One for the knob makers

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Thought I’d share this little gem I found. Whilst trawling eBay I found the perfect thing for making ebony knobs. Search for Rolling rule. They are a funky circular ruler that solicitors use for their ledger books etc. Some are quite costly but if you keep looking they can be a bargain. £8 inc postage bought me a couple of 12” x 1” long antique ebony circular roads. Absolutely perfect for cutting into knobs. For somebody without the luxury of a lathe they are great. 
most are ebony but I’ve seen a few in other dense heavy hardwoods. Some can be 9” x 1/2” some are 18” x 1  1/4”. 
Well worth checking out.

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interesting idea.  the issue I'd see with these would be cutting a center hole perfectly... as if it's not perfect the knob is going to wobble - perhaps you've worked that out. 

if one had ebony thick enough... and a drill press... pretty easy to make a knob using a 1/4" bit followed by a 3/4" plug cutter - I've done it like this.  that said...


$3.64 ea and all the work is done for you.  rosewood, tigerwood, ebony and boxwood.

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