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Explorer Dimensions

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The CAD file i downloaded off one of the guitar building sites had a CAD drawing of the explorer but its only a general outline and does not have dimensions and measurements on it.

Sorry to be a bitch but does anyone have specific measurements for an explorer body, or just how big would my block of wood need to be just for the body.

Ta in advance.

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Open the drawing in a CAD package eg AutoCAD or TurboCAD and use the measuring tool to find the critical dimensions you require. Make sure first that the drawing is at a scale of 1:1. If not you can scale it to size by using a known size like the scale length (usually 24.75 inches for Gibson)


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if you got the file from guitarbuild.com there is dimensions on there i think when u open the file in cad go under the layers and turn the layer dimension on and it will show the dimensions also under the same thing usually the dimension layer wil have the printer thing with an x thru it just click it so the dimensions print


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There are no dimensions on it =\ . . .

but i want to get this printed at a snap store ( they do business printing etc ) but they do not print *dwg cad files, i need a tool that can convert a dwg into a picture file, tga, jpg or even a pdf file, its A0 in size and i want to print it out in full.

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