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Install a Dussenberg Diamon Deluxe on a Telecaster guitar!

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I have to mount this tremolo on a Telecaster guitar. Never have donde this before, I have two questions:
  • Do you think is possible? and the customer wants to install a Tune O'matic type bridge, What would you do, Make a shim to elevate the neck height at neck pocket or recess the body so as to allow the bridge decrease height? I don't want to alter too much the structure of the guitar in case the owner of the guitar don't like the final result and want to go the previous point....
  • On the other hand never deal with this model of bridge and don't know how to fix the spring and allow it to be in place. I put a photo of the stock...
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well no expert... but I would think this is NOT the trem for considering whether you like it or not... as it has to be screwed to the body... and there is no reversing that w/o refinish.  as I understand... the screws for trem mount - go through that washer there and thru the trem into the body.  the spring then sits on top of that washer and under the receiver in the trem arm. 

afa tom bridge - I believe they (dussen) a tele bridge that mounts on std tele holes.

afa neck, not a big fan of the shim idea... but it will work.  if it were me... I'd be much more inclined to glue a piece to the bottom of the neck, use hide glue, use my planer sled to cut it at the proper angle.  best of both worlds... can always remove it later with some heat/steam... but will be secured to the neck.

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I've never handled a Duesenberg trem before, but yes, as @mistermikev says; it's a big commitment for a test and somewhat of a one-way street. Ready-made shims at certain angles can be bought as well as made. The angle needs to be calculated, or if you're making them, you need to be able to plane wood at a tiny angle. I would make a router sled jig instead, with an adjustable tilt to the sled. Given enough planning you can dial it in exactly to what you need.

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I'd just put a shim in the neck to give it an angle for the TOM.

I must admit, I've never seen one of those flat Tele bridge plates before...interesting.

Don't do a single thing before discussing the whole job with the customer and getting his/her full agreement before you touch it.

Explain the process, what you're going to do, the time involved, and the price, all beforehand.

Don't try to talk anyone 'into' anything, if they're uncomfortable about it for any reason, hand the guitar back to them.


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