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Conductive paint


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Alright guys can you just confirm the following for me.

Can I paint a solid colour over the top of the conductive paint? I can't see a problem but I just need to check.

Does the conductive paint give a smooth finish? If not can I put a big thick layer on and sand it smooth?

Will I need to prime the wood/filler before applying conductive paint?

Last but not least, where can I get the paint in the UK :D

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The conductive paint that I've used is from Stew-Mac. It's pretty wierd stuff. Even months after it's dry, you can wipe your finger across it and you will pick up a good bit of black on your finger. It's NOT a gloss paint, and I wouldn't recommend painting over it. Don't need to prime or fill the wood to use it...it's kinda thick. you don't want to sand it either - just put it on and let it dry. Where are you planning on using it that would require a top coat of another paint? I did the inside of a thinline I'm building now, and it looks fine through the f-hole.

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Yup it's inside, around the f holes (I've got 2 :D ).

Just butchered my old strat and I was hopeing to paint the inside the same colour as the outside so it all looks very neat and tidy (thinking about using a colourflip paint).

mmmm............. back to the drawing board, cheers for the advise dude, just have to paint it black and leave it I suppose B)

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After I used the shielding paint on the inside of the f-holes, I stopped and asked myself.."why am I going to this much effort to create a "shielded cavity" when I have two huge holes in this guitar to let all the noise polution in...hmm. Some inquiring led me to beleive that it will *help* reduce the potential noise of the guitar, but some could still get in. Be sure to use quality shilded cable for any long runs in the guitar. Another take is to keep a "box" around the electronics in the guitar and only shield that area. Makes good sense.

I kinda like the look of bare wood when looking in an f-hole, so if I had it to do over again, I may just leave the visable area clean and paint around it.

I wouldn't try to match it with the color of the guitar. It will reduce the visability of the f-hole and will be almost impossible to match the finish (you can't very well wet sand and polish the finish in the f-hole after it's been built)...suppose you could do it as part of the building...but I'd still say make that thing stand out! They're rare now-a-days!

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