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Drak Build(s): Tabletop Tele & Floyded Tele-Strat

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1 hour ago, Bizman62 said:

Such a stylish build shouldn't get dressed like an overaged cougar.

Yes, but there is a part of me that will never die that always wants to give a big fat middle finger to 'the right way', or the way everyone else does things.

Just had to beat that finger into submission this time around.

1 hour ago, ScottR said:

The oak makes them look like serious no nonsense workhorses. All that's missing is that roadhouse blues smoke and whiskey patina.

Well Thank You Mr. Scott.

Today is a shooting day here, the weather is perrfect.

I've already given them both a level sand and I dug into the dye a little more.

For some reason they were beginning to look a little too homogenized for me, just a little.

So I sanded back the distressed areas just a little bit more to my liking, just a slight adjustment to the recipe.

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I got the Strat Leopard guard in.

Lustful Leopard temptation is upon me again.

I know the Tele is blackguard, that's a done deal.

I just took the pics for fun...but the Strat, wellsir...which way does the weather blow today?




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6 minutes ago, Drak said:

but the Strat, wellsir...which way does the weather blow today?

That Leopard sure looks like big hair and tight leggings 80's hard rock played on a stadium! Tarzan with a hardwood club... Wonder how the white pickups would match, though... Nope, definitely black pups with the Leopard if you ask me! MsPaint doesn't lie!

Whereas the Tele with the blackguard is a true BarCaster, not a single word against that choice.

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Actually, there IS a black pickup in the middle position, hard to see I know.

So...is that a thumbs-up for the Leopard Strat (with black pickups, of course)? 😇

Pondering a black Floyd ...if it goes that way...

When I was married (thankfully that's over), we used to watch fashion reality TV shows.

Where the contestants had to design a new outfit every week.

And one question the judges would whip out occasionally was 'WHERE is she GOING in that?

What's the final design idea? Work outfit? Out for lunch? On a date? What is the outfit designed for then?

And they had better have a good answer ...or else...


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51 minutes ago, Drak said:

So...is that a thumbs-up for the Leopard Strat (with black pickups, of course)?

Yup. 👍

With the black/gold trem, golden polepieces on the pickups and black/gold tuners. Heck, on the lowest picture the frets have a golden hue! Black, gold, Leopard on an Oak tabletop... Why do I think of perfume again? Black velvet pouch tied with a golden string carried by a leopard who's walking on an oaken floor in a stylish black and gold bedroom - and the feline morphs to a seductive woman... You know the ads...

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I think I talked myself down off the cliff (again).

Will go with the tortoise-guard, and maybe a Maple neck too.

Then both Oak builds will retain a similar 'brother-build' quality in the end.

It IS a 'Timmons-Caster' original-design after all (I remembered my design ethic and am going to stick to it)

And Andy primarily uses maple necks, I feel I can't stray too far from my intended design purpose.

But damn, I love those Leopard guards, I must find something suitable for them one day.


How about a double-neck double-leopard? 🤣🤣🤣

Now THAT would be Hair-Metal Glam to the 9's!

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The neck I'm using I had planned for another build, which was black.

I decided to use dark fretboard necks on both of them.

This one already has the Floyd shelf on it.

So since I had to strip it all back down, I introduced a soft V rear profile while I was at it.





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The weather was so nice today, I just kept right on going.

Applied Oak iron-on veneer to headstock, dyed it and the neck, and shot two paper-thin coats of lacquer on it.

Next up: Black pore-fill and distressed sand-back, then cleared.

Veneer applied and whole neck dyed.UoitAhW.jpg




Two coats of lacquer applied.0Mcxj6C.jpg


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OK, I stopped the Strat neck work at this point and focused on catching up the Tele.

You can tell the difference as the Strat has the Floyd flat shelf.

Having a roll of Oak iron-on veneer laying around was just astounding how much faster it made everything go.

Instead of hours prepping, gluing, and waiting, everything involved for a headstock glue-up, I was done in like, 10 minutes, I kid you not.

By the last pic, the Tele neck is done. Veneered, dyed, pore-filled, sanded, lacquered, distressed, clearcoated. Done.











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Tele is finished, Strat coming in behind it sometime soon.

I loved doing this distressed work, I think it blends in perfectly, is not overbaked, was a boatload of fun to do, and looks great.

To me, anyway, I absolutely love it.

However, there are several burst jobs waiting in the wings, tho I really almost don't want to do them as I'm liking this look so much right now.










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These are so damn pretty, but the wild cat pattern screams "5 dolla sucky sucky"... :D

Amazing job as always, really love these! 

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