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What's wrong with my guitar - technical issue

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I own a Gretsch Streamliner G2420 and I've got this problem with it where sometimes I get no output from the guitar. I put my guitar lead in the output jack and get no sound through the amp sometimes. I have to wiggle it around to get an output but it can go off after a bit of playing it, almost like it looses the output. 

I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, wondering if anyone had any idea whether it's the output jack or electronics or what. Also if you have any idea how much a repair job on it would be that'd be great (from a repair shop, don't trust my self), just looking at selling it. Any questions feel free to ask and cheers.

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Most likely the output jack or the wiring connected to it. Probably take a repair shop under an hour to fix, The parts are cheap enough, but the biggest hassle will be fishing out the old socket from inside the body of the guitar to get at the wiring and terminals.

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I agree with Curtis.

But I would call around and ask prices and turnaround time and tell them you're getting a few quotes.

When they quote you, ask them if they call you if the repair goes above the quote before proceeding.

Just these basic maneuvers will stave off 90% of the weirdo tech contingent...but be nice!

That is most likely a super-easy fix, shouldn't cost much and should turn around really fast.

This way you may uncover any fishy guitar techs.

They are out there, and they do take advantage of the unwary, seen it happen too many times.

So call around town, tell them you have a problem with your output jack most likely, then ask prices and turnaround.

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a freq issue is when the output jack itself is making contact with the cavity shielding.  this can happen from the jack spinning into a dif position.  if it's already broken... no harm in taking the jack out and inspecting it.  could just be a cruddy connection... could be that the prong on the jack just needs to be bent to make better connection with the cable - all easy things to diagnose yourself.  if you take the jack out of the guitar... and play it while it's out... still have problem?  if not, likely making contact with the side and grounding the input.

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