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Dealing with warped body wood

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Hi again everyone..

For my current guitar projects, I bought a large block of beech wood with the dimensions 23" x 32", 1-3/16" thick (that's 60cm x 80cm by 3cm thick in metric). I have now lined up the body shapes on the board, but have noticed that the block is slightly warped - probably due to humidity exposure during storage.

The warp isn't really obvious until you put the block flat down on the floor. Then two of the opposite corners slightly bend up about 1/8" from the floor. Makes sense? In other words, the board has a slight bend diagonally acrooss it.

My plan is to have a top layer of wood glued on top of each guitar body to make it thick enough. I figure 1-3/16" thickness is too narrow.

So....I fear now that this warp is gonna pose a problem when I'm gonna glue a flat wood on top of the warped wood. Is there any way I can "un-warp" the wood? Or can the glue process (if pressed enough) force it to be somewhat straight?

Would like to hear any comments / experience on this.. :D



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how long, and in what conditions (cold hot, humid dry) was the board stored ? you can use heat to bend wood, or unbend it in your case, but i've never done a peice of wood that thick before..

i've heard this helps...... get the board planed again and jointed, then glue it up, cut out your ruff shape then seal it with some sanding sealer, that's only if your other peice of wood (thickness) will allow for it

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I'm not sure how long it was exposed to humidity for. I bought it from some a local carpenter dude who seemed to keep all his wood nice and dry in his shop. No way of telling what could have happened to it prior to that.

But thank you for the advice. I hope it's not gonna make too much of a difference when I glue the woods together. Or at least, not noticeable in the finished guitar - that would suck :D

By the way, I never see people using beech for a guitar wood.

Is there a reason for this?

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