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I have two guitars with earvana nuts on them. They work very well with a problem neck that just won't play in tune on the first three or four frets. It's main problem for me is that they are just plain ugly. You could carve your own, it would be a lot of tedious work but would look much nicer.

My Carvin has no need for one. It seems that they shorten the length between the nut and first fret giving kind of a poor man's Buzz Feiten system. I asked for a specific number but of course they won't say. :D

The Earvana nut is pretty easy to install. Knock out the old nut, fit the base piece so it's level with the fretboard and screw on the top lip. Count on a lot of time sanding the base to fit and some time setting the nut's intonation.

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They don't solve much, if anything at all, if you're not using a very good tuner.

I've heard over and over , guys who got one of those peterson virtual strobe tuners saying how just having that tuner made all the difference with finally getting their guitars playing in tune.

I heard people rave about earvana, and I've heard people say they didn't like it, and took it off of their guitar.

So Carvin actually said they make the distance between the nut slot and first fret shorter than normal ?

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A good tuner is essential for proper set up. Being cheap I use the AP guitar tuner. It's a pretty good program and the price is right. I'm sure it's not good enough for some purists but I have good results with it.

I can see a couple of reasons why people would have bad results from the earvana. First would be putting it on a guitar that doesn't need one. Unless there is an audible problem with the guitar the results will probably be neutral to negative. Also without a proper set up on the nut it's going to sound like crap unless you accidentally get it in the right place. Also there is some inherent problems with a factory compensated nut. Better results could be had by individually adjusting every string slot with a file but I didn't find that necessary with the two I installed. I'm just not that picky I guess. :D

Albert, Carvin's guitar tech is on their BBS frequently. He said that Buzz checked out their guitars and said that there was no need for his system because of their fret compensation. When I asked for the amount of compensation he just said "a few thousandths". I need to get a better caliper and see if I can figure out how much it is.

On my Schecter the difference was like night and day, well worth the effort. The other nut I installed was the only nut the neck had seen so I have no idea how much difference it made. It does play beautifully though.

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