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My second build, a boring single coil tele

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I've wanted to have a single coil tele for a loong time, but never got around buying one. So I decided to build one.


25.5" scale, maple neck, ebony board, ash body. SD Hot tele bridge, vintage tele neck. Haven't decided on wiring yet. Satin pure white nitro body, shellac'd back of neck, white nitro headstock. Black hardware, Schaller DaVinci tuners on this one as well.


Reused a body that was already drilled for humbucker routing, so there's some hole filling to be done. Neck and body routed.





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Checking out the hardware, had to fill some dodgy routing too. Fretboard glued and left to dry, you never have enough clamps!


Added a shellac bottom coat for the body one coat only. Had to fix a small gap on the fretboard glue job, so more clamping.


Body pore filled.








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17 hours ago, ShatnersBassoon said:

You say boring, but there’s nothing wrong with tried and tested designs. Can be less of a headache to do too I guess 😂 Looking great so far. 

Definitely! Sort of wanted to go very traditional with this one.

Together at last! Now onto hardware.


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Yeah I wanted pure white finish so I ordered from a local car/specialty paint supply a custom color #FFFFFFF. Couldn't really find any ready mixed pure white nitro, and glad I did get it from them. They made it the same day and next day delivery.

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