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Can I post from-scratch amp builds here?

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Hey gang, 

I'm finally dipping into building tube amps after a lot of reading and research, and I was wondering if I can post the builds here?  The first place I looked was the Non-Guitar section but I don't see anyone doing amp work there; I found a post about tolexing and a couple cab threads, but the majority of topics there are about projects unrelated to guitars.  Similar deal in Electronics, no amps.

I know there are other amp building forums out there, but I really enjoy/prefer the community on projectguitar.com and would love to see some amp building here.  Maybe if the sentiment is that amps would muddy/complicate this forum, we could do another sub-forum to go along with the In Progress and Finished Builds, The Design Bar, and Non-Guitar Build sections?  Just thinking out loud at this point, wondering what the rest of you all think about the idea.  

Teaser shots to tempt the forum gods to acquiesce... 😄




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2 hours ago, Prostheta said:

Absolutely. You can't not post from-scratch amp builds here!


Awesome, I'll start a proper thread for the build!  @komodo  This is a circuit designed by Trinity amps, which is a fairly small operation working in Canada.  More details to follow in the forthcoming thread.

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