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Weird vol pot issue


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Just completed my second build ever, but ran into a snag.


I have a CTS 250K pot for volume, and followed this diagram. The volume atcs really weird, never had this happen before.


From full on to half way down, it acts as  regular volume from 10 to 0. At halfway it's volume off. Then after halfway it's back to full on, the whole way from middle to zero pos.


SD wiring.jpg

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Probably just a faulty pot. Can happen sometimes.

I'd just replace it if it were me. They're not exactly the sort of component that you can overhaul and get working when they go bad, and for the few dollars a new one goes for it's generally not worth the effort. If you have a multimeter there are some rudimentary tests you can do to check it, but by and large all you're doing is just confirming the suspicion that it is faulty.

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Swapped in a new 250K CTS pot that I had laying around, this one was completely dead from the start.


Looking around with google seems that CTS quality control has gone down the toilet in the past 5 years. Oh well, I already have a third one in the mail, we'll see if third time's the charm or if I have to for Bourns or Alpha pots in the future.

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