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How Do You Use Carbon Fiber and Wood in Your builds?

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How do you use carbon fiber and wood in your builds?

Maple and mahogany, Alder body, maple neck, rosewood or ebony fingerboard – these are classic wood combinations. Maple can be too heavy and bright for a body wood, but works well as a top wood.

Nowadays, people are getting fancy with pale moon ebony, bloodwood, and carbon fiber.

How do you use carbon fiber and wood in your builds? How would you use it on a body?

How have you used carbon fiber with wood in a guitar body?

How would like you use maple, mahogany, one other wood, and carbon in a two or three layer body. You can use two to five woods for your construction. Explain your reasons.


Thank you!

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I am using carbon fiber rods in the neck of my current build. I had decided this build would be all native Texas woods.  I had settled on Mesquite originally for the body and pecan for the neck, but like most Texas pecan once it’s dry, it’s hard as hell, but tends to become brittle. The neck blank failed once cut and glued. The wood bowed twisted and split. So in a pinch I found a Mesquite mill about a half hour from my pad and went and picked out the choicest pieces of quartersawn boards they had.  If you’ve ever seen a live Mesquite tree, they tend to not ever look straight. They more than not take the shape of a tree shaped like it would survive a tornado (shaped like the tornado wind pattern in trying to say).  So stability was on my mind. They use it for flooring in old building here, so I used a carbon fiber rod on either side of the truss rod. With the truss rod in the center slack space, no twists or bows.  

as far as using it elsewhere? I’m not sure I would unless I was able to have someone make whatever I needed for me.  I have already gotten bit by the drop off when I shortened the rods for the neck   Ans one splintered. I’m still feeling some of the fiber in that splinter.  Feels like a burning needle sometimes. Otherwise it itches.  It goes along with a wenge gotcha a few days later on the other paw.  Y’all can have that wood but that’s another issue.  

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