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AANJ W/Material finish??

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Hi All B)

OK, I'm doing a Material top (100% cotton) on my '01 RG 570. I'm planning on a "Poor boy's burst" (ala Brian). The problem has been finding a place to break the material at the heel joint (AANJ). There is no body line so I'm afraid the break (the line where the material ends) will be too obvious after the final finish. Is there a way to blend the two levels out. If not I'll do the material on the top and only the cavity covers on the back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ryc :D

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I've been right where your at and the only solution I came up with involved a bit of work.

First Glue the material down across the rest of the back as you normally would but don't try to glue it down on the AANJ area all the way (thin glue in this area).

After the rest of the material has cured on the body (about 1 hour) gently lift the neck area and add more glue then pull it down around the ball of the body so to speak. Yes it is going to ridge up on you and here's the trick.

Everywhere it peaks ^^^^^^ around the end slice it at the tip of the peak using (a fresh blade) your exacto knife. Hold the strips down and yes they will overlap towards the end.

Give this about 20 minutes to start hardening then cut a slice right across where the overlap line is of the material.......

Let your glue dry completely then get yourself can of sanding sealer (liquid not spray) and gob it on using a paint brush all around this area and let dry.......(you might end up coating this area several times)

Sand it smooth carefully so you don't lift the edge's of the material. If an edge lift's up stop and hit it with the sanding sealer again to tack and hold it down.

It's a pain in the (obligatory statement edited for content) to do but eventually your going to have it shaped and enough material so that when you do the burst it will not only hide the edge's but also look smooth as silk right up to the top of the body.

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I was reading that tutorial, actually "skimmed" through it, and I didn't really say any guidelines as to how to pick out good material for material finishes.

"Secondly, material (if it's the right type) has the ability to overcome contours which are just about impossible when doing a graphic using a printed photo or even some large decals, so lets get started."

What are some examples of materials that overcome contours?

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