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Greene & Greene - Pratt House Dining Room Light

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This is a bit of a rare one in the G&G canon, even though a few commercial repro makers have it in their repertoire. Essentially a Mahogany lantern style light which will be going into our kitchen over the dining table.

Photos of the original:





I always try and start from the original piece rather than getting quick answers from the repros, otherwise mistakes end up being copied into the copy. Dimensions were altered for our end use and a few key changes based on working methods.

Quick Rhino render of the full assembly.

Screenshot 2021-05-15 191312.jpg


Then an artsy preview with one leaded glass panel drawn in as a test.

Screenshot 2021-05-15 210106.jpg


Lower frame glued up.



The real trick with this was producing exact reliable pentagonal profile with 90 degree shoulders, 135 degree external angle (180-45), etc. Joinery was simple 5mm Domino work. The piercings in each panel were an absolute PITA to sand!

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Sapele and Tru-Oil are a natural combination. I also brazed the brass light extension bars with cross-members, and will add a final centre vertical piece to link the cross-members. Sockets are loose, so a little wonky.



There's still a few details to finish at the top, specifically an electrical cover and cable inlet hence why this part is still pretty rough. It doesn't need to be pretty, just functional. The central part of the box was made from the sapwood side of the Sapele boards since it'll never be seen. Unfortunately, sapwood is also pretty fracture-prone and I usually junk it. The holders for the brass bus bars were 3D printed. Currently in the process of making four brass flanged fittings to secure the lighting bars.



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