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Safety first???


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So, wearing a mask to protect yourself is a good thing, right?

I just read the product description on the bag of KN95 masks, "Professional protection". Either my English is failing on me, or these really aren't too safe to use. This is how it reads, my comments added in italic:


(Scope of application)
This mask is used in daily life to prevent people from wearing it in the air.       - Can I wear it on the ground, and if so, how does it prevent other people not wearing it in the air?
PM2.5 is inhaled to block fine particles, pollen, bacteria and droplets in the air.    - Isn't PM2.5 a healthy risk if you inhale it?
Equipment that contaminates the mouth and nose of the wearer.    - Ahh, now I get it! This FFP2 mask is a source of harmful micro particles!  A real killer!



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Whoops... Well, actually I've used the masks to protect my customers from getting Covid from me when I visit their homes to fix their computers. At one point there was some talk about requiring FFP2 instead of the surgical looking masks so I placed an order for those.

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Years ago a work colleague of mine bought a cheap electric jackhammer from eBay. While the product was sold as new under a German-sounding brandname, it was quite obviously a cheap Chinese knockoff and came with a photocopy of a manual from the Bosch product it was cloning. Oddly enough the jackhammer has actually paid for itself multiple times over and has excavated a workshop area under my colleague's house, been loaned out several times to friends and still works perfectly well. I've currently got it and am using it to gradually demolish an old concrete retaining wall in the garden.

Then again, my brother bought for me as a joke gift a 'Rolex' from a street market while on holiday in China. It was quite a smart looking watch, but it lasted less than a year before falling to bits.

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20 hours ago, Bizman62 said:

That's a nice clean cut, so obviously your tools are sharp. Much less stitches needed! Did you use super glue on that?

hehe, was just a razor so... yes, was very sharp!  confirmed!  i should be embarrased and have my nose rubbed in it.  stupid stupid stupid.  was thinking "well this is a bad i... doh".  just needed a sliver of a piece to patch a 1cm chip in the ctrl cavity magnet hole... cut towards myself on an edge of ash.  

doesn't look it but pretty deep.  I just compressed it with paper towel I bled thru a few times... lots of peroxide... then got it to stop bleeding and compressed it with a band aid.  feels fine as long as I don't touch it.  even now typing w it!!  can straighten/bend it so didn't hit the tendon.  

programming with 7 finger typing method was interesting!

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