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SG2000 (ish) build

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20 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

A teeny weeny bit of progress. Neck is glued in - my usual process that I ripped off PRS. Glue it on then scrub away at all the glue squeeze out with a toothbrush and hot water. 


Duncan wanted ebony knobs, so I got the same ones I used for the last build from Hailwood. Bloody expensive when you need 4 of them, fortunately I'm not paying - took a photo so he could see what they looked like. I've also taped off the top so I could draw a new centre line (relative to the neck taper) for bridge location. Lots of dust on the top because it's been hanging around in the workshop a while. I'm tempted to denib the sealer so I've got less work to do with the clear coat, but I'm also terrified of the prospect of sanding that back.


I'm using a tonepros tunomatic and tailpiece on this one. I've got the tail piece holes drilled (11mm) and studs and earth wire installed but I've just drilled 2mm pilot holes for the tunomatic location. I did install the outside tuners and nut to get that location right but forgot to photograph that.


Note the proximity of the tailpiece stud to the volume. I was originally going with a wraparound bridge so the location of volume was perfect (this is a very small bodied guitar at 12.5" wide) but there was a change of mind and he wanted the same style bridge as the original sg2000, so I've moved the tailpiece back slightly - it's around 45mm back from the tunomatic. 

I had a bit of an issue with green dust getting on the sides when I was sanding back the stain with a mirka pad, no amount of wiping with mineral spirits was getting rid of it either so I ended up sanding the sides and area around the heel back with 230 which meant I had to reapply some sealer so while I was sealing the neck I applied another couple of coats of sealer to the body (back and sides too). Next up I need to apply grain filler to the neck and it should be ready for clear. Though the forcast says we're due bloody snow next week, so I don't know when the clearcoats are going to happen. I think I'm probably left it too late in the year.




looking fantastic.  very nice!!

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