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Couple superstrats coming along

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20 hours ago, Charlie H 72 said:

Late to the party here-but that 4+2 layout is off the walls, I really like it. These are coming along nicely. That tall binding really means business

Lol, thankfully someone likes it! For me it's just a reminder of a bodge job. :D

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Final hardware look, had to test for any surprises.

Binding scraped! Card scrapers really changed my life, I can't use a razor without scratching the top no matter how slowly I work. :D

Redid the stain on the back, had some pretty bad scratches on it. Installed the frets on the neck.

Top had some nice 3D figure on it now.




flame maple top.gif

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It makes noise! A small blind test, guess which is which? :D

Lumiaalto build #001, bolt-on telecaster with EMG's, ash body, maple neck
Lumiaalto build #004, bolt-on strat with EMG's, ash body, flame maple top, maple neck, ebony top.
ESP Stef B7, neckthrough 7-string with EMG's, alder body, maple neck.



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I should really do a deep dive into my Helix patches and tweak them with headphones for doing demos. I doubt that they'd sound the same recorded as they do on these desk monitors. My go-to's have ended up being the Friedman (H)BE and Revv Purple. My Rectumfryer patches just haven't set me alight yet. That might be one to spend time with.

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