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First Build - Using Sentimental Piece of Wood

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14 minutes ago, Bizman62 said:

Carefully seat the neck into the right place and when it's properly positioned press it down so that the screw tips mark where the screws are going to be.

Ah, the issue is that I have a neck from Warmoth that already has pre-drilled screw location for the neck pocket, so I just need to figure out a way how to mark the top of the neck pocket when I have the neck aligned properly. I've thought about putting some small nails inside of the predrilled holes, so I can lay the neck in aligned and then press down to mark the neck pocket with the locations

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Ahh crap!

Oh well, your idea of putting nails inside is pretty good. Problem is that they should be about the right diameter to get the center right which means you'd have to cut the caps off - which in turns means that the capless ends would stick to the bottom of the holes.

Here's an idea: Instead of nails use toothpicks with the sharp end just slightly protruding from the holes. Put masking tape to the bottom of the cavity. Don't burnish it, just lightly press it so it stays in place. The toothpicks should dent the tape enough for you to figure out where to make the dents more visible for drilling the holes. Another option is to apply some dye to the tips of the toothpicks to mark the drilling locations. Or maybe the inner wood is soft enough to be dented?

Toothpicks are easier to dig out than nails and in the worst case you can drill them smaller with a 1 mm bit after which they should fall out.

Oh, and in this case drill the holes a hair closer to the bridge from the mark. The picture still applies.

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I was able to route the pickup cavities today. Had to create another custom template for them since I didn't have a 7 string one. Overall they turned out pretty well! During the bridge pickup, the set screw on the bearing of the router bit came out without me realizing, so I dug into the template a bit in a few areas (right ear etc), but since I'm using pickup rings it shouldn't be a big deal as they'll be covered.  Not upset as it was my first time using the plunge router.



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Alright, well I was able to round the edges, create the arm and belly cut, and drill the neck pocket holes. Everything went really well actually, except for the fact there's a gap in the neck pocket. I used toothpicks in the pre-drilled neck holes to mark the neck pocket, then I drilled the holes a bit closer to the bridge from there, but apparently it wasn't close enough, as I still have that gap near the heel.

I'm not sure if there's a way to fill the space, or if it's a deal breaker in terms of playability. A bit upsetting, but this was probably the toughest part for me, so it didn't turn out too bad. I do still have enough wood to make 2 more bodies, so I can make sure to do better on the next two when I get around to them.PXL_20211115_232710915_MP.thumb.jpg.44c60620a8887e446782937b823a1991.jpgPXL_20211115_232731165_MP.thumb.jpg.bfb4a1dbf381e9eb350dce99fed77b2f.jpgPXL_20211119_182628718.thumb.jpg.f77618bad53d2ce1a5d850e45e061350.jpg

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