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Looking for an option to have gold / brass color binding


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Hey there,

I build this one last year as a test:


poplar body ( never again 😞 ) and black hardware, black binding and flat white paint job ( rattel can ).


I originaly planed to have it look more like the ESP LTD EC-1000 vintage black (https://www.thomann.de/de/esp_ltd_ec1000_vbk.htm )

But I dont know how i would achieve gold / brass color binding.

I am planning to have brass rods instead of black and have all gold hardware.


I know how they do the ec1000 but i do not have a paint booth to achieve the tinded clear over white binding.


any Ideas?

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44 minutes ago, Alucard0811 said:

I dont know how i would achieve gold / brass color binding.

Try automotive shops! There's all kinds of trim moulding strips in metallic colours. Ebay and Ali also have them,

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It's also possible to mould your own in place if you use CNC. Literally, cut the binding channels into a blank, pour resin filled with whatever (even brass filings I guess) then recut the whole thing around the perimeter. I've seen Music Man do this, and it's hella cool.

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3 hours ago, curtisa said:

Mask off the binding area and spray gold for a faux binding?

Yes and no.

I've done that kind of thing many times over the years. It is sprayed.

It's not actually 'gold' per se (gold is a solid, opaque color that comes as a flaked dry mica powder).

Its a mix of yellow and brown trans tint, with probably 3-4 coats/passes to get that darkness/depth.

Its basically exactly how you spray white binding to mimic an authentic 'aged' look, but just taken a bit further (extra coats) to get to that darkness.

The auto trim (good idea, poor outcome) is extremely fake and cheap plastic looking and you won't like it at all.

The answer is to apply white binding and shoot over top of it with a yellow/brown mix.

But...there's good news ahead.

I'm pretty certain Re-Ranch will have some variant of a transparent Butterscotch color that will work in an aerosol can.

I'd bet half their business is the Butterscotch colors (those damn Tele guys must have Butterscotch or they feel insecure, you know)

So there's your answer.

Apply white binding, shoot the whole thing, level-sand flat, tape off the rest of the guitar, shoot the binding only with the butterscotch aerosol, then spray more clearcoats until you're done.

You can do the whole thing with aerosol cans.

The tricky part (and it is very tricky) is taping off the binding with a really high quality detail tape that bends around the curves and getting that down right.

The kind of tape guys who paint tricked out bikes use. Regular masking tape will not even come close to bending like you need bent.

That's the hardest part of the job, the clean, detailed, accurate taping off part.

Maybe not 'that' hard as you'd be spraying against black, so there might be some insurance room, but I wouldn't rely too heavily on that.

You need to have the right tape and the patience and attention to detail to apply it right, everything else is pretty much cake.

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On 8/27/2021 at 12:16 PM, Alucard0811 said:

Thanks for all the tips.

@Prostheta unfortunally I dont have the neccessary tools for that but nice idea.

I think I really have to go with masking and up my finishing game. @Drak I need to check where I get smth like that in Europe. Or maybe I pay someone Automotive shop for the finish.

You're in luck since I happened by a manufacturer just yesterday, and they're german. :)


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