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fret slotting and accuracy of jig


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I bought a chicken bone john fret slotting template and made a small square that fits into the template so I can cut the fret.

However, when checking the square, it is not that square. I am comparing it to an engineering square, Moore and Wright is think is the brand. It looks slightly off. So the question is how much accuracy, I know that 100% is best but is this fret board a complete right off.

I don't know how bad it would be to continue to use it.


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Logically thinking, if all your frets and the nut and the bridge are of the same angle the intonation should be as perfect as with 100% square ones, consistency being the key word.

The slot doesn't look like being too much off, though. Actually, looking at the quality of the cuts I'm tempted to say that your cuts may be off as much as the square you've made. Also, how accurately have you been able to align the template with the fretboard? Also #2 you may not be able to align the engineering square with the slot, a better method would be to put a snugly fitting piece of metal into the slot and check the squareness against that.

All that said, bear in mind that the guitar isn't an accurate instrument at all! Look at the "true temperament" frets and you'll see them go all over the place!

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Hello Bizman62

Thanks for the response. The neck at the moment is not shaped, as in, cut from 43mm to 57mm, it is straight. I attach the fretboard to the template using the super glue and masking tape method. I checked to make sure that the edges of the wood match up with the template edges by butting them with the metal square. This is the most accurate that I can get them. The first cut is the nut edge which is the same as all the other fret slots. I have tried to cut them all the same by butting the saw against the edge of my made square. So in theory the nut will sit against the edge of a wonky cut the same as all the frets. Then it would be the bridge, which has adjustable fender style saddles. I am assuming that shouldn't be a problem. 

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2 hours ago, Bizman62 said:

Sounds good.

That much inaccuracy is possible even when crowning the frets, especially jumbo ones.  You should have no issues with that.


not sure i understand what you mean, that much inaccuracy? 


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Or that little, anyway an insignificant amount. The less than perfect square, a couple of wandering saw lines. Little things that can accent or counteract each other and can be adjusted by a minor change in the angle of the bridge.

As I said, the guitar is an inaccurate instrument, full of compromises. It's always a tad out of tune for some chord no matter how well it's adjusted and that's part of its magic.

Don't worry!

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