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LR Baggs Tunomatic Piezo

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I've installed a Piezo on two of the guitars I've built so far, but I used LR Baggs Elements so they have no adjustment for intonation. For the current build I've bought an LR Baggs Tunomatic Bridge and I'm wondering if I've made the best choice

Does anyone know much about these?


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Does it come with a summing board as each pickup is wired indepenantly like a Graphtech ghost system  bridge if I am correct? If not then you will also need one of those so as to use it as a single pickup or split it out to the preamp. The summing board allows you to use each as a midi channel as well, depending on what is the intended purpose  by the user.

I would research it with LR Baggs and also look at the Graphtech ghost system for more info. Just my thoughts on it without looking deeply into the bones of it all.


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