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adding a bass fret board to 6string elec guitar


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well i almost got tele body painting finished ,i ended up doing a camo look came out bad ass with black pic guard and my pickup winder machine ill have done in 3 weeks so almost done ,,, :D so anyway i was reading how some guitar players use bass sized frets on there guitars . B) so i found a bass neck that had fret board in nice shape ..i would iron trick to remove it and my guitars fret board and switch them ...seems like should work fine.. any ideas,comments,rants..etc

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You can put larger frets on the existing board, jumbo guitar frets are pretty much the same size as smaller bass ones, you cant just swap the boards over though.

The scale length, and the distance between each fret, will be different on a bass from a guitar, which is why bass necks are longer, so basically the notes will be in the wrong places !

Besides which, removing fretboards is a total pain - much easier just to buy some fretwire and do a refret on the tele neck

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the largest fretwire that stewmac sells is what i bought for my carved top..and it is just like a scalloped board...i can bend out of pitch just by pressing too hard(which ain't much pressing)

i think it is good for solo work...buut not so much for rythm...because alot of the chords sound dissonant from uneven finger pressures

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