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Carving the slope - fretboard overhang.

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It depends on a couple of things....it's obvious to say "as much as possible!" however that doesn't always help out. I get/make my boards with an extra inch of material there, but I think with a standard nut and spacing behind it you're looking about half and inch or so. It's worthwhile drawing this out, especially since it depends on what radius you're adding into the slope.

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Ok so I carved the slope but it didn’t go as planned...in my never ending quest to correct any imbalances I ended up overcarving/sanding, resulting in a dip at the base. It won’t interfere with the guitar’s function, but it bothers me. Is there anything i can do to hide this other than sand more off? Feeling a bit deflated! :(
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Ouch! It looks good otherwise.

How thick is the neck at that dip? If it's thick enough to support a tuner, flatten the face of the headstock. Otherwise the only other option is to flatten it anyway and add a veneer to the back of the headstock to bring the thickness back up. This will increase the break angle over the nut. I mean, that looks like it should be thick enough for the tuners.

I did this exact same thing on the second neck I ever built and repaired by flattening and adding a 2mm Ebony backstrap to the headstock. Using a matching Maple veneer (both colour and grain) it can be made invisible, or you can go full decorative if you're not aiming for the looks of an original.

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Ouch indeed! That looks familiar...

As @Prostheta said, you'll have to flatten the headstock no matter what.

The biggest question is, how thick is the continuous straight grain there will be in the weakest point after you've carved the neck. My '84 Strat has about 8 mm (5/16") there so you don't need much. The red line shows the carving, the blue shows the continuous grain area:


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