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Recessing TOM bridge?

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Due to a measurement inaccuracy on my part, I’m going to have to recess the bridge into the face of the body. 
I am worried about height adjustment if the thumb wheels wind up being lower than the body face.  I was thinking about notching the wheel edges if they do have to be lower than the body face. I would notch the wheels so I could use a snap ring plier to turn the wheels.  

Does anyone have a different solution? 
If I have to route that much I’m wanting to keep the routing as tight as possible. So I’m not going to route area to stuff my fingers to move the height wheels. At that point it’s easier to reset the neck. Which might be the best course of action.  I’ve already painted the guitar but the lacquer is t that expensive to be cost prohibitive. It’s just something I’m not confident in doing without destroying the neck and body. 

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5 hours ago, Bjorn.LaSanche said:

Does anyone have a different solution?

My first thought was to carve/route bowls to sink the bushings and leave some space for adjusting. And then I read further...

Another option might be to file the ends at the bottom of the bridge but that will ruin the finish and might create new issues like bending or touching the guitar body.

They seem to make various thicknesses of TOM bridges which might be the best option. The big question is how to read the measurements as there seems to be those telling the maximum thickness while others can tell how much metal there is above the adjusting screws at the ends or from the lowest point to the rim of the intonation piece channel.

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