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Hard to find machineheads / tuners

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For the longest time, I have searched the internet for stores that might sell the knobs/keys pictured below. All I know about them is that they were common on several Ibanez Iceman models. I want them for my own Iceman, as it only has the stock, plain knobs/keys. I found these pictures from eBay auctions a while back:

Here they are on an Iceman.... :D


Link to the photo:


...and here they are on some unknown guitar:


Link to the photo:


I guess my questions are:

1) Who manufactured these?

2) What are they called?

3) Most importantly - where can I buy them?

Any help is greatly appreciated! B)

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heh i posted that and then realised that they are nothing like the ones that you are looking for B) may as well leave it, someone may find some use in it :D


But thank you for the respone, weezerboy. It's the thought that counts!

Yeah those are kinda different. :D It's strange - why are these knobs so hard to find?? Makes me wonder if they were especially made only for the Iceman and never mass produced for the custom parts market...

I remember seeing a complete set of 3x3 of them on eBay one time that had been taken off an original 1970's Iceman. They sold for $90 but silly me didn't try to buy them at the time. :D

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