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Good 7-string singlecoil pu's?

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I am currently looking for a neck and a middle PU for my 7-string guitar project. I want them both to be singlecoils and sound as close to Standard Fender Strat singlecoils as possible. So far I only found no-name 7-string singlecoils. Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan both offer a huge palette of 7-string humbuckers, but what about singlecoils? At least they don't list them....Any idea if Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio sell them even though they don't list them? Other options will be welcome as well....



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i have a dimarzio single-7 from a blaze set of HSH for a 7 string i might sell it if you just need one but if you need more dimarzio does sell it on it's own http://www.dimarzio.com/hum.html http://www.dimarzio.com/blaze_7_m.html check brian's slte for pricing, If i were you though i'd go with the air norton 7, great neck pickup.... and no hum

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sorry to dredge up an old thread, but i just found this forum in links from jemsite.com . i've built a few guitars, a dozen speaker cabs, and i've designed lots of insanely complex coil cut wiring schemes. i'm just gearing up to build some 7 string bodies, so i'm having a blast reading all the old threads.

the best 7 string single coils i've tried are the Rio Grande Muy Grande model. they are ~$80 each, so way less than Duncan Custom Shop. they have huge pole pieces and they get a great 'pushed' phat SRV single coil type tone. they sound way better than the flat tone of the DiMarzio Blaze (II) singles. Rio Grande is a cool bunch of folks, they'll custom wind their singles in RW/RP to hum cancel in the middle positions, and they also make a lower output 7 string single. google 'em.

the Rio Grande singles do have the 'extended' baseplate sticking out of the back of the pickup, unlike the DiMarzios, so you will have to route for that, or chisel out the back wall of the single coil cavity. i did this on my old beater Ibanez 540S7 and they sound fantastic in that thin mahogany.

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