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wraparound bridge, intonation and fitting

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I have a wrap around bridge from a BC Rich I want to fit to my guitar. Does this bridge need to be fitted at an angle? It has a screw either end to adjust distance from the post which I assume helps with intonation and I don't remember seeing an angle on the Warlock I took the bridge from. Also, where is the centre line or intonation point for the bridge? Is it the centre of the post holes?



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If it's the one I found via Google, one with looong forks for the posts and depth adjusting screws the posts seemed to not be at an angle. With the bridge seated it seems there's an angle but it looks like the bass side fork is set back with the screw. Like so:


Regarding the intonation line, the moveable pieces don't seem to be right along the post line in the pictures I've seen. To check it, simply adjust the pieces to about 3/4 towards the bridge and seat the pole screws to the bottoms of the forks, with the screwdriver slots aligned with the bridge. To me it looked a bit like that:


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