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guitar neck scarf joint, my method

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I have had problems cutting a scarf joint. After trying a bandsaw and that pain in the A**, chopsaw method that requires a purpose built jig, jig made for handsaw. I have not tried using a table saw and don't want to either. 

This is my method and in my opinion, far better, more basic. It requires a clean up of the cuts but that is the same with most other methods. I don't know why I did not try this to start. 


All the best, 


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Looks like a valid method to me.

As you noticed the back of the saw despite keeping the blade straight comes in the way when you're almost through. I guess such a wide blade wouldn't warp if you take the back off at that stage or change to another saw, whichever is easier.

Just as a side note, super glue comes easier out of the bottle if you take the cap off... 😜

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